Hornsby Wing Chun Academy


Here at Hornsby Wing Chun Academy we’re fully committed to your success.

Our promise to you is simple: follow your program as it is designed and intended to deliver you the best results possible. We guarantee you’ll feel better after 12 weeks of working with us or we’ll refund your entire investment in our training program.

The relationship between you (our client) and us (your instructors) is a partnership. And only through working together can the mutually beneficial goal (your results) be best achieved.

Our commitment to you:

  1. assess and determine together realistic training goals and put them on a timeline for achievement
  2. design a complete program to achieve your goals that includes:
    1. Wing Chun kung fu training
    2. The first Wing Chun form “Siu Nim Tau” (Tiny Idea)
    3. Form exercises
    4. Stance
    5. Chi Sau
    6. Pad work
  3. teach you all the components of your program and help you implement them into your daily habits and life
  4. ongoing assessment of your progress in each class and update your program accordingly so you continue to achieve the best possible results from your investment with us.

Based on our commitment to you, we require the following from you:

  1. attend a minimum of 10 training sessions in the first 10 weeks
  2. complete at home form practice at least (15) minutes per day at least three times per week
  3. fill out your daily training log and submit it at the end of the 12 weeks
  4. complete your first form check video within 1-4 weeks
  5. correctly perform the entire first form unaided in your second form check video by the end of the first 12 weeks

After the twelve (12) week period, if you can honestly say you followed all of the requirements and do not feel better than you did when you first stepped through our doors, we will refund your entire package investment.


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