Take your first step towards learning an amazing martial art that allows you to effortlessly generate and overcome more force than you ever thought possible, no matter how small you are…

Request Your Free Trial Lesson Now!

Your trial runs for 60 minutes, and can be scheduled during any currently running group session.

During your free trial,  we'll introduce you to:

  • Standing meditation
  • Siu Nim Tau, the first form
  • Chi Sau or "sticking hands" – a partner based drill that develops sensitivity and structure.

You will be able to train with other students of various skill levels who are always happy to share their understanding and help beginners start their Wing Chun progression.

We'll also explain the training program in more detail and, if we have a good fit, present our different program options for you to make an informed decision that fits within your budget.

If you would prefer to start with a private lesson instead, you may book in a paid casual lesson. If you then decide to sign up to any of the discounted programs, this fee can instead go towards your first monthly payment (effectively giving you the discounted rate for you first session too)

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