Grandmaster Chu Training Episodes #011: Elbowing (Biu Jee)

This footage collates several demonstrations of GM Chu on Biu Jee movements. Biu Jee is both versatile and robust in application. Those shown in this footage are just snapshots among many others already posted onto the net by others of the Chu's lineage.

While pivoting in Chum Kiu is around a vertical axis, pivoting in Biu Jee is around a centre point (or axial point). More details can be found in Chapter 4 of The Book of Wing Chun, Vol. 1. Here I would like to further this "centre" theory by asking the following questions: Is there just one "centre"? Is the "centre" stationary at a fixed location? Does the "centre" point refer to a particular physical part of the body? These questions will be addressed in my next post on