Here's what you get when you use our discount code VTD017 (or just click the picture to go directly to iHerb with the coupon code automatically filled in for you)

Screenshot 2014-07-15 23.33.36 (2)


Why am I recommending iHerb, I hear you ask? Well, out of their 35,000 products, I buy one of them: Quest Bars. I've tried a bunch of different protein bars, and Quest Bars are both the healthiest, best tasting protein bar I've ever tasted bar (ha!) none. Each bar contains 20-21g of protein and about 17g of fibre. They taste great straight out of the packet, microwaved for 20-30s, you can even bake them! Here's one I prepared earlier:

quest bar baked


choc chunk

I can't get enough of them. I'll typically go through 2-3 per day. Since I go through so many, I've had to shop around: local stores, ebay, and then I found iHerb. Even though they are not Australia based, their prices are the best by far, even with shipping: usually around $30 per box (depending on exchange rates) vs $40+ locally.

I absolutely would not recommend something I didn't believe in (even my Mum eats them now!) but in the interest of honest, full disclosure, I do receive a small benefit each time someone uses my code: I get credited 6% of your order as a discount off my next order. (And when you go through as many Quest Bars as I do, every little bit helps!) Of course, unless your order is massive, your $10 discount will be greater than my 6%. Either way, we both win.