Refer a friend is back, now bigger and better than before!

When you refer a friend, YOU get:

An extra 5 classes added to your next class pass.


If on unlimited training, an extra two weeks added to your due date.

Your friend also gets:

An extra 5 classes added to their first class pass.


If they choose unlimited training, an extra two weeks added to their due date.

How it works:

Your friend must nominate you in the "How did you hear about us" section of the student's agreement. (Make sure they don't forget!)

Your friend pays their annual membership and their first month (or more) of training.

And that's it!

You don't even need to be currently training to benefit from this. Even if you're taking a break, you can still refer a friend and receive the bonuses when you resume training.

You can still refer a friend even if you haven't started training yet! Just bring a friend along with you on the free trial and sign up together.


(Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.)