“The skills I have learnt over the last two years have given me the confidence to feel that I have a much better chance of defending myself should a threatening situation arise. I've enjoyed discovering that Wing Chun is an effective martial arts system based on relaxation and technique, not on strength.

My posture has improved and stress levels reduced since training in Wing Chun. The personal attention we receive from Instructor Mark enables us to make progress quickly. Instructor Mark is very good at explaining and demonstrating Wing Chun techniques and this has helped me have a better understanding. I recommend Hornsby Wing Chun Academy to anyone wanting to take up a martial art."

Andy Taylor, 49, Reinsurance Specialist, Thornleigh


Chuck L

“My interest in Wing Chun kung fu started with watching the series of Ip Man movies. After having done some research I was excited to find Hornsby Wing Chun Academy teaches Ip Man's lineage of Wing Chun.

I am glad that I found and joined up with Hornsby Wing Chun Academy as Instructor Mark is able to clearly explain and demonstrate the art of Wing Chun. This of course helps in my training and development of this martial art.

I also like the fact that all the students are very friendly and welcoming. This, I believe, makes a big difference in my training as not only I get plenty of attention from Instructor Mark but I am able to train with other students in a relaxed and friendly environment.

I believe I can handle situations in a more relaxed manner than compared to before training. Physically I certainly feel more relaxed. I feel I move around with more ease. Reaction seems to be quicker and mentally I’m more relaxed. We’re all very friendly here, give us a go and you’ll learn some amazing things even in your first class .”

Chuck M. Bookkeeper, Wahroonga


"Learning a martial art has been a desire of mine since my early teens after watching all the Bruce Lee movies. I dabbled in a couple of different styles but never fully committed to serious training with any of them.

After many years the desire to learn a martial art was still with me when by chance I bumped into Mark who explained that he was teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu in Hornsby. Having previously read various martial arts books I knew a little about Wing Chun and jumped at the chance to have a go at the martial art taught by the legendary Ip Man.

Mark teaches and guides our training with focus and dedication that comes from his passion for the art of Wing Chun. The classes have a relaxed and fun atmosphere and you are able to progress at your own natural pace. I like that Mark is able to spend a fair amount of time one on one with each student explaining and demonstrating the forms and techniques used in Wing Chun.

Since starting my training I am now able to quickly recognise stress and tension in my body and I find it easier to relax and feel much less physical stress. My posture, reflexes and co-ordination have improved and my confidence to defend myself has grown. This time I find it easy to commit to serious training as I find Wing Chun fairly addictive.

I would recommend Wing Chun and Mark's training style to anyone interested in better health and a highly effective and efficient art of self defence."

David, Factory Manager, New Dad, Hornsby

"I have wanted to learn about martial arts for many years. Learning about controlling the body appealed to me. Also having some confidence in being able to defend myself if necessary was a factor.

It has given me a great feeling of accomplishment having learned the movements in the forms. Practising the forms is very relaxing, almost meditative.

The training environment is relaxed and you can learn at your own pace. When testing your skills with other students the atmosphere is friendly and not highly competitive. Give it a go! You may be surprised by how rewarding it is to learn Wing Chun."

Ewan Thompson, 55, IT Manager, Hornsby


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"I realised that if I were ever in a situation where I needed to be able to defend myself then I wouldn't be able to.

I heard that Wing Chun was a good martial art for women to practice as it does not depend on strength.

My training has given me a better awareness of my body and how it moves, and an ability to relax muscles when I choose to.

The training program is relaxed and informal so everyone goes at their own pace and works on what they need to work on so it is very individual.

Give it a go, for a while at least – You probably don't know yet what your mind and body are capable of when they are working together."




"I have been interested in martial arts/ combat sports from an early age. So have been mainly into dynamic / explosive styles budokan karate, boxing, kick boxing and tae kwon do.

I was after an art that was more internal and achieved power through relaxation rather than brute force. I feel I have started learning relaxation. I used to think I had achieved a level of this with my kick boxing ie keeping the tension out of your body to achieve speed and power. Though since starting Wing Chun, I have realised I was a long way short of achieving true relaxation.

The training program is pretty much self paced. So you can work through what you have learned. When you hit a snag, you can get help from Instructor Mark or the more senior students. Because it's self paced you can focus on areas that interest you. Areas you wish to improve or develop. While they say this is not for everyone, this is a martial art that can be done by anyone, any age, any fitness level, any sex.

No matter what you have done before, this is a must try."