Small group sessions are held at my home in Burdett St Hornsby, the same location I teach privates.

(Not far from Hornsby Station, near Westfield)

Group Session Timetable

Monday Saturday
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We don't have separate formal "classes" like most schools. You can arrive at any time during the session and train as long as you like.

During group sessions, students are permitted a lot of autonomy in their training, and are generally free to choose between forms, chi sau and standing meditation as they see fit.

Wing Chun training cannot be too methodical or regimented. It needs to be light and playful (not just physically relaxed, but mentally relaxed too) … somewhat like a musician improvising.

Most students attend both private lessons and group sessions. The intense hands on instruction in privates, combined with the freedom to take control of your training in group sessions, make for a powerful combination.