When is the best time to start learning Wing Chun?

Now! Today! I've never to met a single student or training partner who did not wish they had started training earlier than they did.

What if I'm too young? Or too old?

If you can walk, you can start learning Wing Chun. Anyone of any age can learn the simple, direct & economical movements of Wing Chun, regardless of fitness levels or flexibility.

That's great but I've never done a martial art before, how will I keep up with the others?

You won't! But that's not a problem. Beginners are welcome in any class. All our senior students enjoy sharing their understanding of Wing Chun and helping juniors.

What if I never get into a fight?

You don't need to get into a fight to benefit from Wing Chun. In fact, the longer you train, the less likely you are to need to use it. Increased awareness & improved confidence will help you avoid fights you might not have been able to otherwise.

But I haven't needed Wing Chun to avoid fights before, so how will it help now?

You don't need a burglar to actually try to break into your home in order to feel secure when you lock up and turn on the alarms whenever you go out. Similarly, the feelings of confidence and safety you get after training in Wing Chun are something you have with you every single day even if you never need to use it in an actual fight.

But I feel safe anyway, what can Wing Chun do for me?

There are many other benefits you can get from learning Wing Chun in addition to practical self defence skills. Wing Chun training helps to increase relaxation (and therefore reduce stress) & improve posture which may help avoid or alleviate back and neck problems. The focus and concentration we learn from the forms can also aid in other areas of life, such as work or study. Enhanced proprioception could also improve performance in other sports and activities.

What is the training like?

Classes are friendly and co-operative. A typical class starts with the Siu Nim Tao form, the foundation of Wing Chun and then moves on to Chi Sau and other techniques. You can learn more about what these terms mean in our articles or during your free trial lesson.

What do I have to wear?

Comfortable casual clothes (with socks.) Purchase of a Hornsby Wing Chun Academy T-Shirt is optional.

Ok sounds good, how do I try it out?

Simply check our timetable for scheduled classes, and book in for a free trial.