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Mark Laing started training casually at the Sydney HQ of Sifu Jim Fung's school in May 2000. He commenced the academy’s Certificate IV Course in Wing Chun Instruction in February, 2001, training full time for 2 years. He overcame a partial tear in his supraspinatus tendon and surprised himself by placing overall first in his Level 1 grading (1st theory exam, 4th practical) After graduating, he opened his own school, Hornsby Wing Chun Academy.

In 2010, to complement his Wing Chun teaching and understanding of the human body, Mark undertook comprehensive studies in Remedial Massage, which included sports clinic work on professional basketball players from the Sydney Kings.

The 2 year full time diploma course covered functional anatomy, pathology, pharmacology, stress Management and of course, detailed musculoskeletal anatomy (including work on cadavers at Sydney University wet labs)

Mark says: “Wing Chun is far more than just an extremely effective method of self defence. I see it as learning an entirely different and superior way to get to know and move our own bodies. As a result, it has fundamentally altered how I interact with the physical world. Even when I’m not training, Wing Chun is always present in the back of my mind. I firmly believe that any form of human movement – be it sport, dance, manual labour, or just getting around in day to day life – can benefit from training in Wing Chun.”

Mark currently continues his training under Mark Spence, attending three private lessons every week.


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