The best way to train

As an internal martial art, training in Wing Chun is all about feel. It cannot be seen and copied except to a very elementary level. Without a doubt, one on one private lessons are the best way for you to learn genuine Wing Chun. Every minute of a private lesson is about YOU

How are the lessons structured?

Each session will focus on stance, forms and chi sau.  It will not be padded out with the drills, stretches and random exercises you will see at a large commercial school. We give you all Wing Chun and no fluff.

One of the major differences you will experience in private lessons that is only really possible during a one on one session, is we will be able to do a lot of work helping bring awareness to your whole body, allowing you to better achieve greater levels of relaxation ("let go") and work on getting your spine to rise.

Not only is this a huge benefit in and of itself, but it means everything else you do during the session will work to a higher standard.

Better Value

Let's do some maths. Suppose you're attending a conventional 90 minute class with 10 students. You might think this means 9 minutes hands on with the instructor for each student. But how much time is spent addressing the whole class? Or watching students as a group and providing general feedback and correction? In reality, you might be very lucky to get 5 minutes actual hands on. Now suppose you're paying $25 for that class. This works out to $5 per minute, or $300 per hour. Even if you get 10 minutes in a smaller class, it's still $150 per hour.

Starting at $110 per hour, private lessons are clearly better value – and you get undivided attention. And that's just the casual rate – pay for 3, 6 or 12 months of private lessons in advance and the value gets better and better.

Where and when?

Private lessons are held by appointment at my home on Burdett St Hornsby. Only about an 8 minute walk from Hornsby station.

When is (almost) entirely up to you. The more committed you are, the more flexible I can be.

If you are committed to your training, then you simply can't afford NOT to take private lessons.

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