HWCA Vimeo Group

This is a private group for students to help track progress over time. Gradual day to day improvements can sometimes be hard to recognise, but these videos give you the chance to look back on your “old” self with more experienced eyes. You may be surprised at the difference you see.

Videos will be taken in class according to a very rough schedule:

  • First video taken after learning a new form when you can perform the whole sequence unaided (but imperfectly) and with some thought. This provides a baseline. Generally aim to do this 1-4 weeks after first learning the form.
  • Follow up videos can be taken videos when you feel they will be sufficiently different to the most recent video. A good way to judge this is if you look at your previous effort and think "what on earth was I doing?"

A secondary benefit of these videos is they allow you to view other students' progress too. This can be a handy resource if you're learning a new form and can't remember the sequence. It might also be very motivating to see a now-senior student struggling with their early attempt at a form from years ago.

Some things to look out for when viewing your videos:

  • Correctness of each movement
  • Balance
  • Relaxation
  • Joint rotations
  • Joint expansion
  • Focus/intent
  • Structure

Comments are open. Feel free to comment on your own videos or others'. Please be polite and constructive.

Form check videos will be only be viewable by active school members who have been invited to join the Hornsby Wing Chun Academy Vimeo Group. (If you're a currently training member and have not been invited, please email and we'll update you asap.)

You will need to sign up for a Vimeo account. Please sign up with your real name so we all know who you are. If you need to, you can change your Vimeo user name here: https://vimeo.com/settings Members without recognisable names will be removed.