I've finally worked out a way to display prominent links to latest announcements, updates etc on the front page. (If you're reading this, you know where!)

This means I'll no longer be editing/deleting info from the front page. Announcements won't be quite as obvious as before (but obvious enough) and the site will be much less messy.

This also means we now have an archive of older announcements.

Currently I've set up the list to display the 5 most recent announcements + a link to all posts. This may change.

I've also left it possible for anyone to comment on these posts. Your first post will need to be approved (unfortunately it doesn't specifically tell you this when you first post- I'll see if I can find a plugin to fix this) Once approved, you're free to make further posts using the same name/email address.

If you want to get pre-approved so you don't have to wait in future, just reply to this post using your first name and an email address that you have previously provided.